What are the differences between live dealer and regular online casino games?

If you have spent any time playing casino games in the past few years, it is highly likely that you will have noticed an uptrend in live gaming. Live dealer games are those that connect you with real tables, and real dealers, without you having to leave your home. Or, you could play a few rounds of roulette or poker on the train, and it will still feel like you’re in the thick of a real casino!

Most of the big-name casinos online now have live dealer games to some degree. When you look for new online poker tables via Poker Compare, for example, it is likely that you will come across some video-based gaming. However, for those of us who have more experience with traditional online games, it is worth considering the differences between these types of title.

Live games are genuinely taking place right now

Unlike traditional games at online casinos, live dealer games are unfolding before your eyes. When you first join a live dealer game, you are leaping into the action midway through play. There’s a real dealer at the other end of a camera, with real cards and real roulette wheels.

The bonus here is that it is much like heading to a real casino table – you can come and go as you please. This helps to make things a bit more personable and a bit more realistic than digital emulations, or, at least, that is what some players will claim!

Regular games are available 24/7

While there are many live games and dealers that are opening up for longer periods and across the week, it is safe to assume that there will be some downtime. As such, a key difference between live and emulated gaming is the fact that you can get into a digital or virtual game whenever you please.

With live games, you generally have to take a look at a schedule or two to see when the next dealers and tables are opening up. As such, this means that you will need to plan in your sessions. As mentioned, live gaming is relaxing a lot, so it’s unlikely to be a problem for long.

Do the odds differ?

A key difference that many people believe to exist is that digital or virtual games have different odds and RTPs compared to live dealer tables. While odds and RTPs will certainly differ from game to game, this does not necessarily mean that live dealer games are any more or less likely to give you big wins.

In fact, as with all online casinos (and as you will expect in real life), there is always likely to be a house edge. This means that you can always expect there to be some take back – variance is always likely to be in place.

There is only really one key difference you need to consider between ‘regular’ and live games: live games take place with real dealers, and regular online games are digitally determined and automated. Simple!