Online casino games to start with as a beginner

The first time that you sign up at an online casino like w88thai and enter the casino game lobby, it can be an experience that is quite daunting. There will be several sections with each having several game types and with that, the casino game catalogue that is in no particular order.

To makes the matters confused, you will come across various bonus and promotions listed. The best thing that you have to do as a beginner is to take a step back and go to a certain game category to start from there. If the casino offers the option for free-play, then that should be the best mode that you should start with to get hold of what is going on.

The games that you can start with include:


Apart from the slot games being popular in the casino in both online and land based casinos, they are good if you are a newbie due to their simplicity. Slot machine don’t require a strategy and the only decision which is made typically is the coin-size that you have to play. The rest remain easy you push the button for the coin. Slot games have a high RTP ratio – return to player, which means that, as a gambler, you will stay for a longer time playing.


Under the section of table games of the online casino lobby, you will be able to find the blackjack card game that is also popular. As a newbie in gambling, you need to embrace it as it is known to be a perfect mix of strategy and entertainment. Its rules are easy in understanding. The object of the game is reaching a total which is higher than the dealer without having to go over the 21 mark and bursting out.

Before the deal, you will have to place bets. The two cards are dealt to each of the player face up while the dealer is able to get one card face up and the other face down. Players are allowed to have choices which are basic to make; stand, hit, surrender or split.

Texas Hold’em Poker

It is a poker variant that is quite simple and is one of the poker game that is popular of all. The main goal of the game is using the hole card in the combination together with the community cards in building out the best poker hand with 5-cards. The best way of starting to learn the games is finding the free-play online games.

They are the games which are free of any risk and a great way of learning the basic concepts, the ranking of hands and the way to make a decision basing on being able to read the game board. You have to ensure that you start with the basic beginner’s guide which will address the basic concepts.

Whether you are a complete newbie to the casino online world or you just want to take a step back in getting a hang of the basics, the above games might be the best to start to hone your skills.