Jackpots and other bonuses for all players joining the G Club website

You can win jackpot prizes and bonus offers if you join the g club website right away. The registration amount is free for all players. You need to use the Internet for registering. Later, you can also play the GClub games in offline mode.

Offline mode for playing gclub games

If your area has Internet connection issues, you can download the gclub games and play them. In downloaded versions, you won’t be able to bet and win. In offline mode, you can play the different games and practice them.

You can also invite your friends to play with you in offline mode. For betting, you need to be online so that transactions can take place between both players. Offline mode has its advantages and disadvantages.

You need to manually update every game once when the newer version is released on the website. This is one of the major reasons players do not wish to play the games in offline mode. The biggest advantage of playing slot games offline is you can play and practice the games an unlimited number of times.


When a new user joins the gclubgod G Club website, he or she is allotted a unique link through which he or she can refer his or her friends to the betting website. When the friends register to the website using the referral code or link, then both the friends are eligible to win certain gifts from the gclubgod website.

The referred friend can continue the chain and can pass on the referral link to another friend. One referral link can be used by a single player for once. Eventually, when all the friends are registered on the website, you can form a new team and play against the professional players to earn money.

There are also a few contests held where a minimum number of layers is mandatory to form a team and take part in the tournament. In such cases, you as a player will have the upper hand as you already have a team of your own.


The G Club jackpot section is active for players who regularly visit the gclubgod website. By regularly visiting, we mean that at least a visit in a day is mandatory to be eligible for the jackpot. The jackpot is an automatized system where it randomly chooses a player.

The player wins the jackpot and can claim his or her gifts within the next 24 hours. The particular user will be notified using the mobile number or the registered email id about winning the jackpot. The player needs to claim the gifts within the next 24 hours or the game moves on to the next player eligible for the gifts.


As we have come to the end of this article, we have read about the G Club jackpot section where players are eligible to win tips and tricks for winning slot games. We have also read about the referrals section.