Being Careful With Your Online Gambling When You Are Travelling

When there is nothing that you love more than getting your fix with your online slots game, and you are an avid traveller, you will need to be careful as gambling is not legal in all countries. Some countries have banned all forms of gambling completely, while others strictly control it, and if you frequently gamble online when travelling, you will need to be careful when going to some countries. Below are some countries where gambling is illegal or strictly controlled, so you can stop yourself from breaking the law if you plan to travel to them.


Gambling is illegal or strictly controlled in many Asian countries, and Singapore is one such country where it is illegal to gamble. However, things are slowly opening up and there are places where you can gamble if you wish. You can take part in the lottery that is available in Singapore, and some places do have exemptions allowing limited gambling in the public casinos that you can visit. However, almost every form of online gambling is still considered illegal in Singapore.


Thailand is another Asian country that does not allow gambling, although it is still extremely prevalent in society. As with Singapore they have a lottery which is legal for people to play, and there are exceptions such as visiting the racecourse when there is a race, and you can gamble there. There are underground casinos you can visit where people gamble, but if they get raided by the police you can potentially be in a lot of trouble. Although gambling is illegal, including online forms, you can still find websites where you can bet online. If you search เว็บสล็อต” in Google, it will show you all the websites that are offering web slots to players online, so although illegal it does still happen.


Lebanon also has strict laws controlling gambling n the country, which is typical of many countries that are predominantly Muslim. They have banned all forms of gambling in the country, which is something they take very seriously. They are also actively looking for online websites that people can use to gamble, and they will block these when they find them. As such, travelling to Lebanon, you may not be able to access your favourite slots website or place a bet on your favourite sports team, so you may have to wait until you leave the country.

North Korea

It may not be a surprise that you cannot gamble in North Korea, as the country controls the lives of its citizens so much. However, they do make an exception for tourists if you are planning to go there for your holiday, but you will need to be on a guided tour, and you are only allowed to gamble in the one casino in the country.

These are a couple of the countries where gambling is illegal or strictly controlled, but there are many more besides these few. Countries like Japan, Brunei, Qatar, Cyprus, and Poland all control access to gambling for their citizens. If you gamble regularly and travel abroad, ensure you check the legalities of gambling in the country or countries you will be visiting to ensure you stay on the right side of the law.